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Jamal Toutouh

Líneas de Investigación

Last Publications

  • J. Toutouh, J. Garcia-Nieto, E. Alba, Intelligent OLSR Routing Protocol Optimization for VANETs Vehicular Technology, IEEE Transactions on (to appear) [Más ...]
  • J. Toutouh, E. Alba, Optimizing OLSR in VANETS with Differential Evolution: A Comprehensive Study in First ACM International Symposium on Design and Analysis of Intelligent Vehicular Networks and Applications (DIVANet’11), November, 2011, Miami, Florida, USA [Más ...]
  • J. Toutouh, E. Alba, An Efficient Routing Protocol for Green Communications in Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks in Proceedings of the 13th annual conference companion on Genetic and evolutionary computation (GECCO '11), Natalio Krasnogor (Ed.). ACM, New York, NY, USA, 719-726. DOI=10.1145/2001858.2002076 [Más ...]
  • J. Toutouh, E. Alba, Performance Analysis of Optimized VANET Protocols in Real World Tests in Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing 2011 (IWCMC2011), July, 2011, Istanbul (Turkey) [Más ...]