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Jamal Toutouh El Alamin

Posted on 29th January, 2016

Jamal Toutouh

Doctoral COnsortium 2013 Award

PhD in Computer Science

(Doctor Europeus)

Research Associate at Networking and Emerging Optimization (NEO).

Grupo de Ingeniería de Software de la Universidad de Málaga (GISUM)

University of Malaga (UMA)


Research Interests

Last Publications

  • J. Toutouh, E. Alba, Light commodity devices for building vehicular ad hoc networks: An experimental study Ad hoc Networks doi:10.1016/j.adhoc.2015.09.013 In Press. [More ...]
  • J. Toutouh, E. Alba, Parallel multi-objective metaheuristics for smart communications in vehicular networks Soft Computing doi: 10.1007/s00500-015-1891-2 In Press. [More ...]
  • J. Toutouh, E. Alba, Metaheuristics for energy-efficient data routing in vehicular networks Int. J. Metaheuristics, Vol. 4, Num. 1, pp. 27-56, 2015. [More ...]